Menstrual Pain Relief Patch

Menstrual Pain Relief Patch
Menstrual Pain Relief Patch
Menstrual Pain Relief Patch

Menstrual Pain Relief Patch

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With Our Menstrual Pain Patch, Say No To Pains and Cramps again as a woman

I am MIRAD by Name, My wife complains of a very stomach pains whenever she is on her period and this has been affecting her for a long despite using some drugs, on a faithful day I got to a female friend's office, and they were discussing menstrual pains and cramps issues that woman do face, I was forced to told them the pains my wife go through any time she’s on her period, that was how one of the staff in the office introduced this to me to give to my wife to use. on getting home, I explain to my wife and she started using the Glory Be to God my wife has had no or complain again of pains or cramps since she started using this Menstrual Pain Patch more than 3 years ago,

We are introducing this new product to many women who may have been going through pains during menstruation or having cramps get our product now and say no more to pains and cramps so you can also give a good testimony like my wife did.

Please Note: We have sold over 2,000 Pieces of this new product in India alone, not because of anything but because it works perfectly, so hurry now before we out of stock

Features of Our Menstrual Pain Patch
  •  Sumifun Menstrual Pain Patch is 100% effective!
  •  Natural herbal formula, suitable for women of all ages.
  •  Extract active molecules, deep penetration, and fast pain relief.
  •  Relieve uterine spasms, reduce uterine contraction, and promote the discharge of menstrual blood.
  •  Penetrates through the skin and reaches the uterus, rejecting the side effects of oral medications.
  •  Easy to use, can be carried with you for emergency relief of dysmenorrhea.

Instruction On How To Use Our Menstrual Pain Patch

  • Clean and dry the skin of the abdomen.
  • Stick a patch to the lower abdomen and press it gently until it fits the skin completely.
  •  Tear it off after 8-12 hours, and clean the skin with a warm wet towel or tissue.
  • After an interval of 6 hours, a new patch can be used if you need.


  • For external use, keep it away from your mouth and eyes.
  •  Pregnant, skin allergies, and those with damaged skin are forbidden.
  •  If there is any abnormality or discomfort, just stop using it.

Listen To What Some Of Our Customer Has To Say

The best thing that happened to me is coming across this product online, Since have started using this product i have given it 100%. This is the best product to use if you have menstrual pains or cramps

Mrs. Adewale


It is a very good product, you have to leave it only for a time like 20 minutes, and no more but my menstrual pain did. I give him a 9.50/10

Mrs. Fatimo


Fails to meet your expectations of quality.

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