Cancellation & Return Policy

Can a Alivara Order be Cancelled?

Yes, Alivara order can be cancelled by a customer by sending an email to from the registered email address.

What are the conditions under which an Order Cancellation can be initiated by a customer?

  • Those orders which have not been shipped from our end can be cancelled.
  • Cancellation request must be initiated within 2 hours of placing the order

If the order has been already dispatched, can a customer still Cancel the Order?

  • Once the order is dispatched, Cancellation of Order is not possible. 

How can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your Alivara Order using the following process:

  • Send an email to giving the following information:
  • Subject Line: Order Cancellation for ALxxxx
  • Body of the email should have feature following information:
    • Customer Name:
    • Product to be cancelled
    • Date of purchase
    • Date of delivery
    • Mode of payment
    • Order Confirmation received at the time of placing the order
    • Reason for Order Cancellation
  • Once the email is sent in above format, a reply will be received from will be received to confirm the receipt of order cancellation. The email will detail the further process.

Return Policy

  • Our return policy states that we do not accept returns for any products. We also do not accept returns for products that have been opened or are not in their original packaging.
  • Please make sure to carefully read the product description before placing your order.
  • Please note that certain items such as Belly Ginger Spray, Detox Fat Burning tea, Tea pouches, and Fat burning Oils cannot be returned or refunded due to their perishable nature.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your specific items, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to 

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